Wake Up Wednesday: 4.4

Good afternoon! I hope everyone had a good Easter with their family and friends. I also hope you enjoyed some amazing weather.

I have been spending as much time as I can outside, and I can only hope the sun is here to stay for a while.

Let’s pick up this afternoon, and get on with it!

Song of the Week:

Stay With Me

-Josh Gracin

This song is one of my favorites. I listened to it the other day, and it brought a lot of memories and emotion.

Bible Verse of the Week:

I love this bible verse, but we need to remember that we need to meet Him in the middle. But, I love the rain, and I will welcome Him always.

What hobbies would you like to try?:

I have always had a desire to learn how to weld. I think you could build, form, and or put together some really neat things. You could use this skill artistically or for business purposes.

There are so many hobbies I’d like to try, but welding would be towards the top of my list.

Quote of the Week:

10 things I am grateful for right now: (not in any particular order)

  1. My husband
  2. My daughter
  3. My family
  4. My friends
  5. My small town living
  6. Sleep
  7. Memories
  8. Farmers
  9. Reading
  10. My home

Book of the Week:

The Beantown Girls

-Jane Healey

This is our April book for our book club. When we read the blurb on the back, I wasn’t excited in the slightest. I wasn’t looking for a history lesson, but when I opened it up, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It is fictional but I do believe there are parts that are based on true stories. Some of the events, I don’t think one could make up.

That’s all I have for you this week! Enjoy the spring weather, and enjoy your weekend.


Wake Up Wednesday: 4.2

Good morning! I hope everyone is enjoying the nicer weather. I cannot wait to spend more and more time outside. How did everyone’s brackets do for March Madness? I actually had Virginia winning one of them so at least I didn’t get last; and I beat my husband so that was a win in my mind. It’s also Masters week for all of you golf lovers. My golfer this weekend is Justin Rose, so that’s who I routing for.

We are supposed to have some weather this week. So if it snows, it will be the 2nd snow on a robin’s back. You know how the saying goes – so I guess 1 more snow then.

Let’s get down to it!

Song of the Week:

The Worst Kind

Tim Hicks (feat. Lindsay Ell)

I have never heard of this guy, but I liked this song. Take a listen.

What makes you feel inadequate?:

Nothing makes me feel more inadequate than not know what I am talking about. Education and tapping resources has been my way around this world. I will recite information until it is engraved in my brain. I like to know what I am talking about and sound smart. Doesn’t everyone?

Bible Verse of the Week:

I think we all react to the potential situations and outcomes before we really see everything unfold. I have started to challenge myself in reacting at the right time.

What is your favorite song to sing in the shower?:

I don’t usually sing in the shower, but when I do, it’s usually “Unfaithful” by Rihanna. This just so happens this is my jam in my car. I have a few of jam songs, but this one is pretty popular on my list.

The funny thing is, I don’t really like Rihanna at all.

Quote of the Week:

I fully believe anyone can pick up a bible, flip to any page, and find the message God intended for them at that time. There is always something relatable. Sometimes I pray to God for him to show me what I need. I, then, flip to a page, and every single time, I have found my message – my need.

What is your greatest source of motivation?:

Honestly, I love watching other’s before and after pictures come up on my media. I always think, “yeah that could be me some day”. I also think the scale is a pretty good motivator, but I often avoid it.

When I was a member at a gym down in Ames, I was the healthiest and in the best shape of my life. I got down to my sophomore weight in high school. The thing is, I had to limit myself when it came to my weigh-in’s because I became obsessed with the numbers. They had a scale that would spit out a piece of paper with a lot of different numbers on it. I taped them in my journal and highlighted them with new goals for the week.

And now I don’t have that kind of gym anywhere near me, and I don’t have much motivation. I’m hoping when I can be outside more, that will help me out.

That’s what I have for you all today! Enjoy your weathery Wednesday. Did you see what I did there? hah

Have a great weekend.


Wine Wednesday: 4.1

Good evening! It is April everyone; it’s also my birthday month. A lot of you know that I enjoy celebrating my birthday, not because I am getting older, but because I have been blessed with another year of life.

These warmer temps are brightening my mood and I cannot wait to spend more and more time outside.

I hope no one got fooled to bad yesterday. I didn’t have any good ideas this year.

Anyway, let’s wind this day down. Grab your wine, beer, milk, pop, juice, or water of choice.

Song of the Week:


-Maren Morris

This is such a great song, and I think a lot of could use this reminder now and then. Whether it be in your personal life, with God, you significant other – everything can relate. It’s all about the foundation!

Where is your favorite place to get coffee or tea?:

Caribou Coffee. I always get a dark chocolate turtle latte. It honestly tastes like they stuck a whole chocolate bar in there and let it melt. It is super rich and full of caffeine. They are definitely a treat; I don’t get them very often, which is probably beneficial for my bank account.

Bible Verse of the Week:

Where is your favorite place to meditate?:

In my bed, at night, with my eyes closed – preferably while I sleep. I do not meditate, but I have heard it is a great practice. I don’t really like yoga for a workout because I don’t feel I get enough of a workout in. With that in mind, I can only think I’d feel very similar with meditating.

Quote of the Week:

What do you do when you get nervous?:

I am and always have been an extremely anxious person. When I get nervous or anxious, I bite my nails or the skin about my nails. It its extreme, but I have made myself bleed a few times.

It is a habit I’d like to kick, but I can’t seem to walk away from this.

That is all I got for you today. I hope everyone had a great weekend and week. Bring on another week.


Wake Up (Good Night) Wednesday: 3.3

Good evening! It was a beautiful morning; the warmer temperatures are definitely brightening my mood. I cannot wait to spend more time outside as it gets nicer. I hope everyone had a great weekend and St. Paddy’s Day, it was probably the first St. Paddy’s Day I have been able to go out for in years.

Unfortunately, with warmer weather comes melting snow with potential for flooding. If you haven’t, say a prayer for any of our friends, family, and neighbors who are battling the water and the damage in result of that water.

“Grab your coffee and let’s get to it! I drank my coffee on my deck this morning because it was finally nice enough to enjoy the sunrise outside.” That is what I wanted to do and say this morning, but life became a little chaotic. It’s like we have a kid or something. Ha.

Song of the Week:

Two of Us

-Louis Tomlinson

This song is so powerful. And I cannot listen to this song without it tugging on my heart strings. Ever since I had Josey, I have become so anxious about losing my family members and friends – by family members, I also mean my husband. I just thank God for every single day I have with the ones whom I love because any day with them is better than any without.

Listen to this song. If it don’t tug in even the slightest, do you even have a heart? Ha.

What is your favorite thing that is pickled?:

I love pickles and just about anything that is pickled as far as veggies go. I like aspagras, green beens, beets, peppers, etc. The only thing I cannot get myself to eat is pickled hard boiled eggs. Those things make me gag just thinking about them.

Bible Verse of the Week:

What is one thing you carry with you in your purse at all times?:

Stamps and Bandaids.

Very random I know, but I have had to replace more of both items in the last five years because it never fails, someone or I need at least one of those things. What are some staple items you keep in your purse or wallet?

Quote of the Week:

Doesn’t this quote just put a smile on your face? It makes me think about all of the things I have once dreamed about that I now have. It inspires me to dream up new dreams and to share them with my family and friends. I am ready to crush some new goals – how about you?

Do you like your music loud or quiet for easy listening?:


It’s been really hard for me to keep it down when Josey is in the vehicle. But you can bet I turn that baby up when she isn’t riding with me.

I actually tend to sing at the same volume as the music being played. So if you are ever riding with me in the car and you don’t want to hear me belt it out, just turn it down, and I will simmer down a little.

The best thing about my best friends is they typically like to sing along just as loud, so if you are in the vehicle with all or any of us, you don’t stand a chance at having a conversation. You can forget about it.

That’s what I have for you tonight! I hope you all have a great rest of the week and weekend! Get your brackets ready! It’s tournament time; one of my favorite times of the year – March Madness.


Wake Up Wednesday: 3.2

Good morning beautiful humans! Wherever you are, I hope the temps have warmed up a little! Our yard is a complete mess with all of this melting snow, but I will take it! I will take the warmer temps even if its 30 degrees. I will take it!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and start to their week. Now that we are getting into the warmer temperatures, what are everyone spring projects they’d like to complete? I am just excited to be able to hang out in the fresh air, and maybe even without a coat! I am planning on working on my landscaping around the house and scheming on improvements for our over-grown grove.

But let’s not forget that coffee! Grabber and go!

Song of the Week:

Alcohol You Later

Mitchell Tenpenny

This song has been around for a little while, and I have liked it since I first heard it. It’s pretty catchy. Take a listen if you haven’t.

What dish or food usually served hot, and do you think is better cold?:


Lately, I have really enjoy “cold oats” or “over-night oats”. I have pinned NUMEROUS recipes on pinterest. One of my favorites is almond joy over night oats; its got chocolate chips and coconut in it. I also really like smores over night oats; that has chocolate chips, mini mallows, and in the morning I put a little crushed graham cracker on top. These can be as easy as just putting fruit in them or even just brown sugar or honey.

I like to add flax and chia seeds to each recipe for the nutritional value, but those are optional. There are so many recipes and technically you only have to let them sit for about 6 hours to eat them. It is easier for me to stick them in the fridge at night before I go to bed.

Bible Verse of the Week:

Do you like nachos, if so what topping is a MUST have?:

I have a love-love relationship with nachos! I like the OG nachos, Italian nachos, and Chinese nachos (made with wonton chips and a sweet/sour-like sauce). I love most all nachos.

On the OG nachos, my must have topping is sour cream. I have a very unhealthy relationship with sour cream.

Do you operate better at night or during the day?:

I don’t operate at all during the night. I am and have always been an early riser. I enjoy watching the sunrise, and more times than I’d like to admit, I don’t see the sunset. If I am the slightest bit tired, I am virtually useless and nothing until I get some shut eye.

Quote of the Week:

Are you a role model for anyone in your life?:

You know, I really have no idea, but I try to act as though I am. I try to as as someone is always watching. I try to be my best self. Of course we all have our bad days, but I have a strong character. I had role models growing up and I still do. I think everyone can be a role model for someone in a way.

That’s all I have for you this morning. I hope y’all have a great weekend!

See ya next week!


Wake Up Wednesday: 3.1

Good morning, I am up before the sunrise this morning. Little miss decided she wanted to play! I hope everyone had a great weekend and is having a good start to their week.

Although it is March, I do not see the end of winter coming anytime soon. I would just appreciate some above freezing temperatures. These single-digit and negatives have got to go!

Well today is Hump Day, let’s get this day started! Grab your coffee!

Songs of the Week:

Prayed For You

-Matt Stell


I Hope

-Gabby Barrett

I have two songs this week!

“Prayed For You” says a lot in the title of the song, but take a listen if you haven’t already.

“I Hope” is one I literally found yesterday. Gabby Barrett was on American Idol last year, and she made it to the top 10 and maybe even past that (I can’t remember). I like this song for only listening to it once, but I’ll definitely have to listen to it again.

Bible Verse of the Week:

Did you go to prom?:

Because we are coming up on prom season, I thought this question was fitting.

I went to prom 5 times in high school. I borrowed 3 of my 5 dresses. My mom bought one my junior year, and I bought one my senior year.

I was lucky enough to have an aunt who is a hair dresser. God bless her during this season particularly. Three girls to get ready for prom is a lot, between doing our nails, and hair, and tanning.

My sister, believe it or not, was the most high-maintenance out of all three of us! If you don’t know my sister, she was/is the Tom Boy of all Tom Boys, but as soon as she woke up that morning, it was all about her, and you better not touch her hair when it was done!

If you could as your future self one question, what would it be?:

Are you happy?

A simple yes or no question. So simple.

Quote of the Week:

Something you have become more sensitive about?:

One thing that I try to be extremely cautious about is asking people is if/when they plan to have kids after they are married or right after they have just had one. (My best friends, whom I talk to about everything are exempt to this).

We had gotten pregnant literally on our wedding night and lost our first baby a couple months later. We were still early enough we didn’t share the news, but because we were a newly-wed couple, we had a lot of people asking us when we were planning on having kids. If they only knew I was actually pregnant at that time, and if they only knew I had just lost a baby.

I have become so sensitive to my friends and family who are going through a hardship of getting pregnant, or worse yet, keeping the baby. I had been through a loss myself, and it made me feel emotions I didn’t even know I could feel.

I’m not saying this because our world has become overly offensive about nearly everything, I am saying this because trying for a baby could be hard and infertility is on a rise. My advice to you, is to be super cautious about asking those kinds of questions. Sometimes you don’t know what these couples have already been through. And I’d hate for you to have to stick your foot in your mouth when they tell you they have just lost one. Some people are very forthcoming and others private; just be respectful.

In your opinion, what is the most toxic personality trait?:

Negativity. Hands down! This can be the most destructive to not only yourself, but everyone around you. It is a trait that can pull a lot of people down with you. It’s also a trait, I think, can damage oneself physically.

Don’t drag people down with you. Find the silver lining.

That’s all I have for you today. Be kind and share your gift with someone this week!


Wake Up Wednesday: 2.4

Good afternoon, I hope everyone was safe this past weekend through the blizzard of the decade. There is just something about being stuck inside my house that is kind of relaxing. I couldn’t make plans, and that was nice. But of course all good things must come to an end, and I get stir-crazy after two days anyway.

I don’t remember having this much snow since I was a very little girl, and it did entice me to build a couple forts in our snow piles and play outside with my dog.

Do you need afternoon coffee? Because I do too! Let’s sip together.

Song of the Week:


Lauren Daigle

If you haven’t noticed, I have a love for Lauren Daigle lately. There is something about the purity of her music that catches me. Take a listen, and let me know what you think.

What do you do to relieve stress?:

Run. I run a lot when I am stressed. The only thing about that, is I haven’t been able to run much since having Josey, but this week, I decided it was time to start taking care of myself.

By the time I get home from work, make supper, feed Josey, and put her to bed, I get to chose to either clean up the dishes or workout. This week I have chosen to workout each night, so don’t walk in my house! You can definitely tell I chose to work out.

Is it bad that I’m not sorry? Good because I didn’t think so either. I am not sorry for choosing to spend the two hours each night with her instead of doing the dishes or laundry, and I’m also not sorry for choosing to workout after she goes to bed instead of doing those things. Priorities have changed to say the least.

Just give me a 24 hour heads up if you plan to come over. I’ll just shove everything into my closets.

Bible Verse of the Week:

Need I say more? Give it to Him, it isn’t your battle to fight. EVER.

What habit would you most like to break?:

I NEED to break my habit of not putting unworn clothes back on the hangers. My sanity would be saved even just a little if I didn’t have so much stinking clothes to put on hangers after deciding I didn’t want to wear it in the first place.

Sometimes I get rid of clothing, not because it doesn’t fit or I don’t wear it, but because I get overwhelmed with how much clothing I have to put away! I know – 1st World Problems. “Stuff” gives me anxiety.

Quote of the Week:

It took me 22 years to learn how to genuinely forgive someone without any trace of a grudge. It took me 22 years to learn to appreciate each of my chapters and short stories.

Each person’s book is written differently. Be kind to those whom you don’t have any idea about. And if you do know what the beginning of their story entails, be even more kind.

Who is one person you cannot live without?:

My mom.

I have always loved the relationship I hold with my mother. I will cherish it forever, but what I didn’t know is that I could love her even more after having my daughter.

It’s sad to say this, but I did get a little jealous of the attention that she gave my daughter instead of me. Don’t get me wrong, she is a wonderful grandma, but I still needed my mom. The thing is, I feel like I need her more than ever now than when I was fully dependent on her. So every now and then, I just want to hug her for long periods of time. I want to talk to her always; she has a way of calming my anxiety. You know, she’s like a mom or something.

That’s all I have for you today! I hope everyone enjoys their last days of February! Bring on March!

XO – Hannah

Wake Up Wednesday: 2.3

Good morning! I hope everyone is having a great week! Currently, we are under a winter weather advisory in which we are to get 7-9 inches of snow. From my window, my visibility is a quarter mile right now. So if you are going to or coming from work this morning drive careful! There are 35 states that are being effected by this storm! CRAZY!

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee is the name of the game! Grab your cup and let’s get going.

Song of the Week:

Trust In You

Lauren Daigle

This song is a great inspirational song. I don’t want to spoil it much if you haven’t listened to it! Please do, its a good one!

Would you prefer either a chauffeur or private chef for one month as a gift?:

Private chef all the way! I don’t mind driving (unless its at night) at all. I mean food is my favorite so to eat amazing food would be wonderful. Not that Eric isn’t a good cook because he is great, but to not have to worry about what we are having or actually have to cook it, I could go for that any day!

Bible Verse of the Week:

In what way do you pamper yourself?:

I love to get facials at the spa as well as massages. I also love cheesecake. Those are just some of the ways I like to pamper myself. And I do one of those things at least once a month.

What is the craziest thing you have ever asked siri?:

I am not honestly sure about this, but I did ask her, “what is love?” as a joke once, and she will tell you some funny stuff. Did you know that someone actually listens to you when you talk to her? Ahhhh…

Be careful when you get mad at her, don’t swear to much or say something too bad! Ha.

Quote of the Week:

Do you read labels on food of do you just buy what you like?:

It depends on what mood I am in. If I want to eat junk food, then no, I do not look at the label, because it would probably depress me just a little.

I generally do read a little bit of the labels. I don’t usually read anything but the ingredients label and maybe the carbohydrate levels. I don’t really care about calories etc.

That’s all I have for you today, I hope you all have a great day whether you stay home or go to work. Please be safe out there!

Cruising Isn’t Just For the Back Roads

Recently, my husband and I had the chance of going on our honeymoon. I know – a little late, but better late than never. We had planned this vacation over a year in advance and found out we were pregnant a couple weeks later – so travel insurance we got!

Neither of us had cruised before (and really had no desire to) until we had talked to a couple of our friends who are seasoned cruisers. I knew that if I was going to have the best possible time cruising, I’d want to go with someone who knows what they are doing. So with that, we decided to go on our “honeymoon” with some of our best friends. (Before you judge us and form opinions about who, what, and where we should or shouldn’t have honeymooned, let me just kindly remind you that this was our decision, and our honeymoon). And let me tell you, we are glad that we did!

Flying into Miami on Friday evening, we decided to grab a bite to eat and hot tub. We went to iHop on Saturday morning, and I learned two things about that city in a hurry. 1) We weren’t in Iowa anymore Toto, and 2) the cologne game is strong! We were definitely the minority in Miami; thank goodness for bilingual individuals. And although Saturday was gloomy, it was still 55 degrees and we went to South Beach anyway.

Day drinking was the name of the game. We walked up and down South Beach before landing at Leslie’s. And of course we drank here because it was named after my mother. The drinks were enormous, bigger than my face!

My mom’s bar

We chose to board the Carnival Magic, a ship that houses over 6,000 people (both crew members and vacationers). After staying in Miami for a a day or so, we boarded the ship on Sunday, January 27 in Miami, Florida.

The boarding process was relatively easy and quick. A lot of little things I am sure we would have found out on our own, but it was nice to have a heads up from friends beforehand. The way the cruise line disembarks, restocks, and boards a whole new “batch” of cruisers in 8 hours is nothing short of amazing and mind-boggling.

Because the ship had ported in Miami that morning, and the cruisers disembarking had literally gotten off of the boat and hour before we got on, you don’t usually get into your rooms until later in the afternoon. Your luggage is brought to your room in the afternoon as well, so this means hanging out on deck or exploring the ship for a few hours.

Tip: Take a swim suit in your carry-on so you can hop right into a pool or lay-out during the first few hours after boarding.

Carnival Magic

There is just no way to explain how big this boat was unless you were on it. We stayed in the top – front section of the boat (Serenity Spa Rooms = worth it). For the few hours we had on the boat before we “set sail”, we made ourselves familiar with the boat and the different areas of entertainment.

Day 1: Day at Sea

To get to our first port, we required a “day at sea” traveling to the Dominican Republic. We spent most of the day in our swim suits, what do ya know? Fearing a major sun-burn on the first day, we both lathered on the SPF 100. Yes we brought our baby’s sunscreen. That’s what you get for being so pasty.

We hadn’t bought a drink package because we weren’t sure if we could make it worth it. After buying our drinks for the first day, it didn’t take us long the next morning to purchase that.

Tip: Just buy the drink package. We only had to drink 5 a day to make it worth it. Top shelf drinks all week, makes for a potential liquor snob when we come home.

Each night we have our own reserved table in the dining room. There are two nights that require elegant attire, which is a lot of fun, but otherwise just “cruise casual” (basically no swimwear) for the rest of the week. Each table has their own waiters and head waiter, and they know your names and had our drink orders down by day 3! It was pretty impressive.

Each night we got to choose an appetizer, main meal, and dessert. The best thing was that if you didn’t like something, you could order something else, or you could order two appetizers if you wanted to try both. Eric and I got to try a lot of dishes that we wouldn’t have ordered had we been in a restaurant that we had to pay for each dish. Although we had eaten a few of these already, we tried rabbit, alligator, lamb, and a few others. The dining experience was one of my favorite parts about vacation.

Side note: There was a family next to us with a pretty little girl that was not yet 1, and it reminded me of Jo. That mom probably thinks I was stalking or creepy because I just kept looking at her missing my own little one. So sorry to you and your family if you’re out there.

Day 2: Amber Cove, Dominican Republic

Each morning, we started with breakfast buffet. One of the downsides to cruising was waiting in line for buffet breakfast for like 5-10 minutes especially on days we ported early and everyone wanted off the boat. You’d think it would be a cluster with 5,000 people trying to get off the boat, but they really did a nice job of making it run so smoothly. We hardly had to wait.

We ported in the Dominican Republic at 7:30 AM, and had to be off the boat for our first excursion of the trip by 8:30 AM. We chose to go zip-lining. I had been zip-lining in Colorado and Costa Rica prior to vacation, but this was Eric’s first time. He loved it, minus the tight straps in the crotchal region, but who likes that?

We also toured a plantation while we were there. I have pictures below of some of the country’s biggest exports and favorites. I had never thought about where cinnamon comes from, but I guess it grows on trees.

I found a read-to-harvest almond. I became extremely curious because I eat a lot of almonds.
Layer 1 gone.
Finally after 5 days, I got to the middle! And I now know why almonds cost so damn much!

Following our excursion, we boarded the boat and got ready for dinner and spent most of the night in and out of hot tubs. Four out of our six nights we spent in the comedy club for the late shows; we saw Jason Cheny, Lenny Schmidt, Dan Chopin, and Louis Johnson. Almost every show started with a joke from the host which followed with, “if that offended you, you should consider leaving”.

Funniest opening joke I remember (inappropriate text disclaimer….): Why couldn’t Miss Piggy count to 100? ——Because every time she got to 69 she got a frog in her throat.

Fun Fact: Two comedians start the trip and fly home from one of the ports, and they fly two more comedians into that port to finish the rest of the trip.

Day 3: St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

This was the day I was looking forward to the most. Since I was around 12 years old, I have had St. Thomas on my bucket list. It did not disappoint. Our excursion in St. Thomas was to spend the day on Megan’s Bay. Although this is a beautiful beach with the softest sand, it is a very popular beach with hundreds of people. Did I mention that over-populated areas irritate me the most? It was a good time with even better friends.

Day 4: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Nathan convinced Eric to go scuba diving for an excursion in San Juan. I would have loved to see the sea creatures, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to handle the breathing under water skills. Eric saw an octopus, schools of fish, and a barracuda. And now, he thinks he needs to become certified because he can scuba dive so often in Iowa!

While the boys were off doing their thing, Tawny and I decided to go off and check out the city. We walked up and down the port area. But first stop was a Walgreens, which was desperately needed. (I needed dawn dish soap to be able to clean my pump parts; yes, I pumped throughout our whole trip and brought most of it back.)

That night we boarded, ate, and went to one of their theater shows they put on. They have a different one just about each night; we went to three of them. I’m sure the boys were less than enthused, but us ladies didn’t mind them at all!

Day 5: Grand Turk, British Indies

I had the least of expectations for this port, but came away with a mind-blowing experience. This was the one port that I really didn’t know much about. We didn’t have any excursions planned for the day, but I’m glad we didn’t. The beach near the port was so beautiful; we got to spend a couple hours at the beach before our scheduled couple’s massages. (Yes, you read that right. I convinced my husband to get a couple’s massage). He might not admit he liked it in public, but I know he’d consider another.

The two main money makers for Grand Turk are tourism and sea salt; I have a photo of both. I would like to go back at some point; this country was unexplainably beautiful!

There were crabs and jellyfish in the water which kept me a little near the shore, but not too many people were effected by that. The water was so gorgeous.

Day 6: Day at Sea

To get off at each port is a lot of fun, and it gave a little taste of a lot of countries I probably wouldn’t choose to vacation to exclusively for a week. But it was nice to see each of them. The last day was a day at sea, and it was great to have that low-key day to lounge and slowly start packing and gathering your things.

Here are a few more photos from our trip.

So this was our trip. And although we missed our dear baby girl so much, we had a wonderful time. I will be forever grateful that we were able to get away during the -60 degree temps and that I got to spend some time with my husband as that time is pretty far and few now. (Insert your “welcome to parenthood” comments now). I am also extremely thankful that our families live so close and are more than willing to help us out with our little girl and our blonde four-legged fur child.

I will be going on another cruise in my life if I get the chance. And I don’t just mean the on the back roads!

Wake Up Wednesday: 2.1

Good morning, good morning, good morning! It feels so good to be back! Thank you for being patient with me; my husband and I have had a rather hectic first month of 2019. I hope everyone has had a good start to the year, I know I have plenty of things to cross off my list for the year, I just chose to start my 2019 a month later.

January, for me, consisted of a job change, baby things, and vacation. All of which were extremely exhausting to prepare and go through.

So cheers to today, the beginning of February. Cheers to 2019, let’s get this party started! Grab your caffeine drink of choice, or alcohol, that works good too! Happy Wednesday all!

Song of the Week:


-Maren Morris

This song goes hand in hand with the quote of the week. It encourages strength from within to understand that everything is going to be okay. Take a listen and see what you think.

Where did we go one vacation?:

We called this vacation our “honeymoon”. Since we had gotten pregnant right away after the wedding, we decided to hold off on the honeymoon. Anyway, we went on a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean. It was both of our’s first time cruising, but it is definitely something we will do again! I will have a separate post about just vacation, but for now, here is a picture taken at one of my favorite places – St. Thomas.

St. Thomas – January 30, 2019

Have you ever made a homemade gift for someone?:

I thoroughly enjoy making gifts for people over buying them. There is just something about the thought that goes into it that makes it so much more worth it. I also love receiving homemade gifts because it makes gift getting and giving so much better. Valentine’s Day is coming up, maybe I’ll break my 7 year tradition and use this approach.

Bible Verse of the Week:

Never ever stop praying or striving for what you want in life. Go get it; go get it all! Do whatever you have to do to accomplish your goals.

Which would be impossible for you to give up for your life: Coffee or Soda?:

I think we all know the answer to this one. Coffee, coffee, coffee. I do not drink much soda. My mom never kept it in the house growing up so I really don’t even crave it. Every now and then, I’ll buy a 12 pack, but it generally takes a while for us to drink it all.

Quote of the Week:

This quote is validation enough! Believe that you are truly the only person who knows the best decisions that need to be made for yourself. I could have used this quote in the last couple months with becoming a new mom and all of the new decisions and changes in our lives lately. It took me a lot of pros and cons lists to make those decisions and although I am comfortable with those decisions now, it took me a long time to get there.

Well that’s all I have for you today! I will be working on my vacation post and try to share that with you soon! I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week and weekend!