Wake Up Wednesday: 10.3

Good afternoon – we are getting earlier in the day. Maybe next week we will post before noon! Well the sunshine is back and it’s crazy how much better of a mood people are in with the sun shines. Hopefully it is here to stay for a while as well as the temperatures – the snow this week was a bit much.

Harvest is back in full swing, and again, I hope we have the weather to complete it! Prayers to all of our farmers, farm hands, and farmer’s wives and their families.

Alright, grab your cup of joe and let’s go!

Song of the Week:

Shallow ( A Star is Born – movie)

-Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

I have yet to see this movie, but I will be seeing it soon. I hear it is a great movie that portrays Lady Gaga in a very different light than what a lot of us are used to. This song is a great song as well as the whole soundtrack.

What is your favorite way to start your day?:

Coffee – Breakfast – GMA – Shower Coffee (yes, you read that right. Don’t judge me, there are plenty of people who have shower beers. Well I have shower coffees as well.) #noshame

What particular field of study were you really interested in, but decided not to pursue?:

Gerontology – the study of the elderly population

I took a few classes on gerontology in my undergrad at Iowa State University, and after the first, I contemplated completing a second major or even a minor in this field. It is so interesting to see the way things have changed for the care of our elderly even in the last 15 years and what individuals can and cannot do now to assist. I have a special place in my heart for the elderly, and honestly, since high school, I have always thought I would find myself in a career assisting that age of population.

Bible Verse of the Week:

“Coming to Him, a living stone — rejected by men but chosen and valuable to God–“

1 Peter 2:4

Would you rather ask for permission or apologize later?:

Ask me this 5 years ago, I would have told you to ask for permission.

Ask me now, I would tell anyone to apologize later.

Take the risk. Just do something. If you don’t do something, nothing will change. And maybe it’s not change you are seeking, but once you start making decisions based on this, change will happen no matter what.

Quote of the Week:

“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.”

-Sophia Bush

Let this just sink in.

What is the best thing about being in a relationship?:

To me, the best part of being in a relationship is sharing your life with someone who enjoys sharing their life with you.

I love to travel, but I love to travel more with my husband. I love to eat popcorn and watch movies, but I love to do those things with him too.

Sharing your life isn’t always about the good, but also sharing the bad. It is a forever support system. Relationships are not always 50/50, but instead, they might be 80/20 sometimes. It is nice to have someone there to pick you up or bring up your slack when you are down. You still remain whole.

That is all I have for this week. I hope everyone enjoys their week, and our farmers can get a good jump on harvest.


Good Night Wednesday: 10.2

Alright, well, my body is a day behind. I thought it was Tuesday today, so instead of waking up with me. Let’s finish our day together. I apologize for not being on top of it.

It has been a rainy week so harvest has been put on hold until that sun comes out for more than an hour. We could use about 25 days of sunshine in a row; that would really help everyone out.

So unless you work the night shift and need a coffee drink, lets grab a glass of wine tonight – or a brewski.

Song of the Week:


-Sara Evans

This song was introduced to me by a great friend. I let her sing it to me on the road home one day. It has a lot of truth to it. I think a lot of us sacrifice or have sacrificed the love of someone because we thought they were better off. Roles reversed, you might just need to be left alone to get over or move on; maybe you would be better off left alone. This is a good song.

What embarrasses you instantly?:

Honestly, it takes a lot to embarrass me. I grew up with a VERY out-going, supportive mother. She was the queen of embarrassing her children, whether it be yelling during a sporting event or forming a surprise momma’s lip sync group during homecoming. I learned to embrace my mother’s grade-A embarrassing behavior in high school. The funny thing is I am very much like my mother and I think that’s a little embarrassing for her sometimes. Ha.

One thing that embarrasses me on the spot is when someone walks into my house and it isn’t picked up or clean. When I was younger, I never understood why my mother would stress the importance of a clean house or leave us with chores to do if people were expected. (Mom, I’m so sorry for resisting to help you clean. I am sorry I never kept my room clean. I get it now.) 

Bible Verse of the Week:

What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?:

Arnold Palmer (half tea/ half lemonade)

I loved this drink before it came in a can. But now that it does, I get one 90% of the time I stop at a convenient store. It’s a bonus that they are only $0.99, and they are tall-boys!

Quote of the Week:

“If we’re going to talk, then let’s talk. Forget about what is polite or proper and delve right into what is sincere and honest. Lead me down through the labyrinth of your true, spectacular self. I am not interested in pleasantries. If you want a conversation, then let’s get lost.”

-Beau Taplin

This is how we should really enter into every conversation. Sometimes I find myself in situations in which I should be a little more conservative or reserved. That doesn’t mean I come off as someone else, but I just don’t allow myself to be as blunt or forthcoming as I maybe would be with my family or best friends. I think a lot of people find themselves in similar situations on a regular basis. If you have to tone it down, tone it down, but don’t be fake or someone you’re not.

What sound relaxes you?:

My favorite sound is rain. On the windows, on the roof, or even just the playing of rain on a noise maker – these all are worth staying in bed and watching movies all day for.

Although I love the sound of rain, I am ready for the sun to shine for a while. We have had a lot of rain the last couple months.

If you joined a circus what kind of performer would you be?:

I would be the ticket taker. Ha.

Circus’ are great don’t get me wrong, but again, I don’t feel any desire to swing from the rafters or tame lions. Why put yourself in those situations? I also think I am a personable person, I could be a good greeter.

This is all I have for tonight. Again, sorry about the late post!

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week and weekend! Pray for sunshine!


October 7, 2017

One Year Ago Today: I woke up with overwhelming emotions of happiness, excitement, and fear of the unknown. Today was going to be a good day; it had to be, it was the 7th – 7 is my lucky number.

Those positive emotions took a quick turn for the worse when the screen showed a sight neither my husband nor I thought we’d ever have to face.

Our lives were forever changed that day, just not in the way we had hoped.

Two lines were all we knew of you. But when we saw those two lines, nothing we had planned for our first year of marriage mattered more than bringing a little one into this world.

We weren’t expecting to get pregnant right away. When we did, I tried my damnedest to see the silver lining through a diagnosis from a couple of years past. That diagnosis brought about a very realistic view of the pregnancy and stood in the way of a more positive mindset. All I could do was pray and pray for a healthy baby. On this day, one year ago, was our first ultrasound appointment. I was nervous, excited, scared, and full of any other emotions one could feel at one time.

Back Story: A few years ago, what I thought was an ovarian cyst made out for an additional diagnosis of a septate uterus, or a bicornuate uterus. That was all I needed to remove myself and my mindset from the  decreased possibility of ever having children. Recurrent miscarriages, pre-term births or delivery, the inability to reach full term pregnancy – all of these were associated with my diagnosis. My thoughts brought me back to, “I will cross this bridge when I get to it. God gave me this body, and did I want to manually adjust what He had made?” Remember this verse Han?

Little did I know, this bridge would come about a lot sooner than I had once thought it would. I knew surgery to remove the septum in my uterus would immensely increase my chances of successful pregnancies and having children, but I was still so hesitant. I prayed and prayed for guidance in making that decision.

Our eyes were fixed on the ultrasound screen unaware of what we were or weren’t looking at, but I knew it wasn’t what the doctors were hoping for. I can remember the look on my doctor’s face and the quiet, empathetic tone of her voice when she told us the baby wasn’t developing and growing as he/she should. She then gave us our options and recommendations on the decision we had to make now and for any corrective surgery in the near future.

From that moment on, the next 24 hours happened so fast. That appointment led to an immediate D&C (Dilation and Curettage) early the following morning. I didn’t give myself enough time to process what exactly had happened and what was going to happen.

The next morning, my husband and I made our way to the hospital for pre-op check-in before sunrise. I was an emotional wreck the whole hour ride, but I internalized these feelings and emotions. Thoughts flashed in and out of my head; “surely there are a lot of women who go through or have been through this. I should just be thankful I could get pregnant,” I thought to myself. I knew I wasn’t the only one. I had to be strong for myself, for my husband, and for my family.

It wasn’t until one of the nurses brought in consent forms and went through the procedure details that I fully understood what was going to happen. Right there on the paper was the word “abortion”.

In that moment, I have never felt more awful about myself, about my life, about my marriage, or about this baby. As naive as it sounds, I had never once thought about the procedure details.

As I signed my name to go forth with the procedure, the tears began rolling down my face. I had never felt so alone, and the sad part was that my husband, my support system, my best friend, was sitting right next to me the whole entire time holding my hand. So why did I feel this way? Why did I feel so alone?

The days and weeks of recovery went on, and I still thought and prayed about the what if’s. Sitting in a waiting room full of pregnant women and moms with their children of all ages for follow-up appointments got harder and harder. As the pain and soreness faded, my thoughts and emotions did not.

Miscarriage – no matter how far along, doesn’t make it any easier.

I leaned on my Lord, prayed for understanding, and asked for guidance. I knew his plans would prevail, but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt. It doesn’t mean that I don’t think and pray every single day for that little one.

This week is the first time I feel comfortable sharing, the first time I feel ready to show the world that it’s okay to share your journey if you want, with who you want, and when you want. I didn’t share a lot of my real feelings following the miscarriage. Because of the “12 week rule,” I hadn’t told anyone but my mom and employer about the pregnancy. We actually lied to people when they asked why I had surgery because I didn’t want people to know that we had lost a baby.

[The 12 week “rule” – the suggested amount of time one should wait during a pregnancy to inform others of your exciting news. This rule isn’t necessarily a rule you absolutely have to follow, but there is a stigma attached to the “rule”.]

But here’s the thing, miscarriages don’t just happen in the first twelve weeks, they can happen at any point during a pregnancy, and unfortunately, a loss can also follow the birth of the baby. So what I’m saying is that 12 weeks is just a number. To hell with the stigmas around how you should and shouldn’t go forth with your pregnancy.

I put on a strong front because there are too many women who have been through this, and they were “fine,” right? The truth is, they may not be “fine”, they are changed.

So tell who you want, so share your every emotion. It is not worth being or feeling alone. Give up the 100-year-old stigma of keeping miscarriages a secret; give up the 12 week rule if you want. It doesn’t make you any less pregnant or less of a woman or a mother. Your mental health and your support systems are necessary to get through something so raw and real. All I wanted was to lean on someone, I just didn’t want them to minimize my feelings or tell me how to feel.

One of my biggest support systems was the good Lord and His word. I understood that His plan was better than anything I could ever muster up in my head. I believe that God walks with us through the lowest of lows so that we see for ourselves that even when we feel alone, He is still with us.

But He says,

That was all I needed to give me hope.

Prayers to all of you who have been or are along a similar journey as well as to those of you who are struggling with infertility. My heart goes out to you all and I pray for you daily. Just remember, you are never alone.




Wake Up Wednesday: 10.1

Good morning. Well that was a fast week, and it is a new month! I feel like I say this every month, but dang, this year is going by quickly. And although this is my favorite time of year, we could use about 25 days of strictly sunshine to finish up with harvest.

For those of you who enjoyed the 13 days of Halloween on TV, it is now 31 days, so please indulge in your favorite Halloween shows every day this month!

Alright, let’s get this show on the road. Grab your caffeinated drink and read on.

Song of the Week:

Head Above Water

-Avril Lavigne

Avril has been one of my all-time favorite artists since I was very young. Her music was relatable and all I wanted to rock out to for quite some time. She hasn’t put out a new album for a while, but this is a new single she recently released.

This song takes a new meaning in my life right now. As many of you know bringing a new baby home is an adjustment to say the least, and a lot of times it can bring about a lot of doubts. Sometimes you just need to get through the day.

Take a listen, it’s a great song.

Have you ever been scuba diving?:

No I have never been, but I don’t have any desire to swim in the waters with sharks, sting rays, or any other animals of that sort. Just like with sky diving, I don’t understand why people would purposely put themselves in a potentially dangerous situation. Just keep two feet on the ground.

I do not keep myself from doing things I want to do for reasons of fear. I just have never cared to do those things.

What is your most-used word?:

I am such a mid-westerner. I NEVER thought about the words I say or how much I say them until everyone started making a big deal out of mid-westerners say “ope”.

I’m trying to be a little more conscious about it, but this word comes out of my mouth so much, it’s not even funny. I also can’t deny my ranch-loving mid-westerner trait either. I might as well embrace it. Ha.

Bible Verse of the Week:

What is one of your biggest pet peeves?:

I have many, so don’t be surprised if you see this question pop up again in the future. 

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I am told by friends or family to tell a story or reflect on a memory from the past and I am interrupted in the middle by someone correcting me on minute details.

—Okay, if you want me to tell everyone this story, don’t correct me on the small details that don’t necessarily matter. Or just tell them yourself. And maybe it’s my fault for even putting those details in the story in the first place, but what’s a story without the details?

Quote of the Week: 

What is the deepest root of your joy: what God gives you? or what God is for you? 

-John Piper

Food for thought. That’s all I’m going to say on this one.

If you could go back to your teenage self, what two words would you say to her?:

Do It! 

I was very reserved as a teenager as far as trying new things or being adventurous for fear of disappointing my mom or getting in trouble.

Honestly, if I would have known what I know now, I would have done things a lot differently. I try to incorporate that into my life now, but responsibilities as an adult far outweigh any responsibility I ever had as a teenager.

I would have lived more by the saying, “it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission”.

Well that’s all I have for this morning. I hope everyone has a great rest of the week/weekend. I pray for a smooth and safe harvest.


Wake Up Wednesday: 9.3

Good morning, good morning! I’m back! As many of you know, we have had one heck of week or so. Last week, I was not being lazy – I promise. But I was waking up to a whole new world; I woke up to our brand new beautiful baby girl and an extremely supportive husband. But all things aside, I’m back.

This week has been a life-changing week to say the least, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. This week is the first official week of fall, my favorite time of the year!

Caffeine has a whole new meaning after having a child, and let me tell you, I don’t even mess with the lattes and frilly drinks – I like that coffee blacker than black. Grab your drink, and let’s get to it.

Song of the Week: 

You Say

-Lauren Daigle

This song hits me so hard. (It might be the hormones, but it may or may not bring a few tears to my eyes, especially after this last week and a half). I know that my momma has told me since day one not to let anyone’s thoughts of me affect who I am and how I think of myself, but my husband has been more than  my rock and he does a great job of saying just what I need.

Do you like champagne, if so what is your favorite brand?:

I only like champagne if it is mixed for a mimosa. But wine, now wine, I do enjoy mucho. Stella Rosa – every kind I have had has been good. I especially like the Stella Rosa Black. I also think it is rather affordable, and worth it! It is nice to be able to just sit and have a glass of wine at night if I want.

Bible Verse of the Week:

For You have made me rejoice, Lord, by what you have done; I will shout for joy because of the works of Your hands. 

Psalm 92:4

This verse stuck out to me immediately last night. It truly made me smile to think that God thought that I deserved to bring such a beautiful little girl into this world. Through the trials of the last few years physically, mentally, and emotionally, I never lost faith in Him. He is so good.

Do you treat yourself and your body with respect?:

You know, I thought I had a pretty decent image of my body before I got pregnant. During my pregnancy, I couldn’t wrap my head around exactly what was happening – it was a walk of faith and a feeling like no other.

It wasn’t until I had my daughter that I truly realized that our bodies are temples of God. They are incredible and do so much for us. I now respect my body in a different way and will now treat myself a little differently because of it.

Quote of the Week: 

“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.”


How emotional are you?:

Anyone who knows me knows I have always been one to wear my heart on my sleeve. I am very in touch with my emotional side. Am I overly emotional? No, but anyone could read me like a book.

Postpartum emotions are a real deal, especially since I was already emotional to begin with. I have always been a deep thinker, and sometimes, I can really get to myself.

How strict are you going to parent?:
I am not sure how one is supposed know the answer until they are put in that situation. But I’d like to think I will discipline my children as needed.

My husband as already told me that he would send them to me to be disciplined so that he can be the “good guy”. He didn’t want his children to not like him. Ha. We shall see how that goes.

Well that’s all I have for today. Our lives have definitely changed, but we wouldn’t change it for the world. Have a great week!


Wake Up Wednesday: 9.2

Good morning – good morning.

We have a few things to reflect on this week. First things first, yesterday was the anniversary of 9/11. I read a post yesterday about how we wish our nation would go back to the way it was on 9/12 (the next day). That was a day that our nation was hurting, and hurting so badly, we pulled together to support each other and show the world that we were unified. Lately I feel like we have been divided, so just take a moment to say a prayer for the unity and strength of our country as we move forward.

Second, the football game this last weekend……….probably was one of the most boring football games I have watched in a while. And although I am an Iowa State fan, I wasn’t nearly as mad that we lost this year. It was an extremely low scoring game. The tables will turn, they always do.

Grab your coffee drink this morning. Mine is coffee black as black this morning; let’s get this show on the road.

Song of the Week:

Lonely Call


This song has got some feels with it, but it’s a good listen.

Would you rather learn fencing or archery?:

I have always wanted to learn to shoot a bow. When I played softball at Iowa State University, the ISU Archery Club always had practice at the same time behind our field.

The Hunger Games movies came out during the last couple years of my college career, and I think that struck my interest in archery. I feel that is something I could be decent at.

Who knows, it might be a hobby I pick up sometime.

Bible Verse of the Week:

Would you like to travel to space or not?:

I, honestly, have no desire to visit anywhere in space. I have never even thought about it – not even in dreams.

I am perfectly content where I am. I do think we could send some of our criminals to another planet and drop them off though. Ha.

Quote of the Week:

How do you encourage yourself through hard times?:

We all face our own hardships – mentally or physically. When I find myself going through a hard time, I always turn to the Lord and pray. That is my first step. I pray and pray and pray.

I also pick a few things I enjoy doing to keep my mind balanced such as coloring, running, and listening to music. I try to do these as much as possible during that time to keep myself in a better mood. I believe having a positive or open mind during a hardship will allow healthy healing and a solid push to make it through.

He will bring you through it! If you have been with me since day one, you know I am very big on believing that for whatever situation I am put in, it is God’s plan and reasoning. If He didn’t want me to go through it, I wouldn’t be in the situation at hand. Give it to Him; lean on Him.

Do you believe you have to go through something to fully understand it?:

I personally think you do have to encounter situations to fully understand them. I think that about every kind of situation.

I think some of the best therapist, counselors, doctors, even funeral directors, or rehabilitation officers are the ones who have been through the most themselves. The way they handled their own hardships might not be the best way for everyone else, but they understand every aspect mentally, physically, emotionally of what someone else might be going through.

I believe that if you haven’t encountered a certain situation that someone else might be going through that you could have sympathy, empathy, or support for someone during their hard times, but they could never truly understand what someone is going through.

That is all I have for you today. Please be kind to everyone; you don’t know their battles and hardships.


Wake Up Wednesday: 9.1

Good morning!

I know it is not technically fall, but as soon as September comes around, it is the unofficial start to fall and football season! My husband and I live for football season; we have a very divided house. This week is the Cy-Hawk series week – a week where we don’t particularly “get along”.

For example, we both (separately) ordered solo cups for the weekend (mine are Iowa State, and his are University of Iowa); I knew they had been delivered. I came home from work to find my package laying on top of the garbage. I took them out, and found them there again after supper.

Grab your coffee drink (it is September, and it is acceptable to drink pumpkin spice if that is up your alley). Let’s get this day started!

Song of the Week:

When I Pray For You

Dan + Shay

I loved this song after I heard the first 4 words. Listen to the lyrics; they are great. It just hits me a little harder because we are expecting our first child, one of which I have prayed for a long time.

What is your favorite tailgating food?:

Buffalo Chicken Dip is my favorite tailgating food.

I am a buffalo chicken fiend, and generally eat it 6 or 7 times per week, but there is something about buffalo chicken dip that I could eat every single day.

 Bible Verse of the Week:

Do you like pumpkin anything?:

Nope – not a bit. I do not do pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bars, pumpkin pie (I have had a piece or two in my life but I had a tub of cool whip on top), pumpkin anything. I just can’t do pumpkin, unless it’s carving for Halloween or a few fall decorations.

Quote of the Week:

Do you decorate for fall?:

I usually get a couple of mums and pumpkins to decorate the entryway of our home, but other than that, I don’t typically tear down any original decor in my home to replace it with fall get-up.

What are your favorite things about fall?:

-Football & Tailgating

-Amazing coffee flavors (excluding pumpkin spice)


-Chili season begins

The beautiful color change of the scenery

-Sweater/sweatshirt weather

-Pumpkin patch/apple orchard dates

Honestly, there are so many things to love about fall. It makes me smile to even just think about it.

That’s all for today! Enjoy your day today, and I pray for all of you who have a house divided this week!


Wake Up Wednesday: 8.5

Good morning world. It’s a new day, a new week, and I hope everyone’s week is off to a good start.

School has started and football season is T-4 sleeps away until my Cyclones open their season. College football has a special place in my heart, but it also is played during my favorite time of the year.

I’m up early and on the run this morning so …… Grab your hot coffee drink and let’s make this day better.

Song of the Week:

Keeping Score

Dan + Shay Feat. Kelly Clarkson

What TV show do you always watch re-runs of?:

I have a few TV shows that fall under this question.


-How I Met Your Mother

-The Office

-That 70’s Show

All of these are great shows, and I just cannot get enough. I like each one for similar but different reasons, but mainly because of the humor.

When you make a decision, do you stick to it or go back and forth?:

I generally make a lot of my decisions on a coin, even the simplest of decisions such as whether to decide on a meal when we go out to eat. It’s pretty rare, I don’t use a coin to make decisions, but I always stick with them. Always.

Bible Verse of the Week:

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

What are your favorite pizza toppings?:

Pepperoni and Green Olives – This is my ultimate favorite pizza. I also enjoy green pepper as well.

Quote of the Week:

If you have a family that loves you, a few good friends, food on the table and a roof over your head, you are richer than you think.


What makes you tear up every time you think about it?:

Last Calls.

When a service man or woman passes away and the dispatchers end their call (whether I know them or not) I tear up. Even just the thought of it can make me emotional.

Some individuals put forth so much of themselves to better our communities and country; it is heartbreaking when their call is ended, especially if it’s a young life taken too soon.

That is all for today. I hope you enjoy your last Wednesday of August. Labor day weekend is among us – the unofficial end of summer. Do something fun with your weekend!


Wake Up Wednesday: 8.4

Good morning to everyone.

I said a quick prayer this morning as I woke up thanking God for opening my eyes this morning, thanking Him for all of His works even if we don’t understand them at the time, and also praying for love amongst our world. My home state [Iowa] has been shook and even broken in the last couple weeks with incriminating events, and last night, I decided to find the good and pray. Because there is power in prayer.

Grab your coffee, and let’s get this day off to a better start then yesterday. It is a new day.

Song of the Week: 

Life is Worth Living

Justin Bieber

This is not a typical Bieber song. Take a listen.

What’s on your mind right now?:

In spite of the negative, heart wrenching events that have taken place in the last year, last months, the last couple weeks, and even in the last day, I have decided to take each day by the reigns and live it knowing God has a plan bigger than any single one of us – bigger than me. I will not live my life in fear or refrain from exploring our world’s beauty, or adding to my life experiences. I will raise my children in this cruel world and pray they will open their eyes to the Lord. I trust that He is in control and His plan is the best plan.

When we allow ourselves to live in fear, the devil has won. You have not only lost a battle, you have lost yourself as a person. Faith is what sets us free from the negativity. There is so much to be thankful for and beauty in this world that hasn’t even been experienced,

Bible Verse of the Week:

I thought this bible verse was fitting today, as many people in our state, country, and world have reasons to give up the faith, to break down, and even shut down. But just remember, even when you have reached rock bottom and you feel alone, God is still there by your side and ready to stand with you or hell, maybe even pick you up. Again, I believe we experience stages where we think we have reached rock bottom to realize that in the end, it’s just you and God.

Quote of the Week:

Fear can keep us up all night long, but faith makes one fine pillow.


This quote is extremely fitting for anyone who is struggling with the fear of what our world is coming to.

What is your favorite Netflix show right now?:


Although it is NOT my type of show, I got sucked in by the suspense. It started out as something I would typically watch, but once I got to the end of season 1 and into season 2, it got intense. The suspense and cliff hangers were enough to lure me in even more. This show reminds me of the game Clue, where everyone is trying to find out who did it, where, when, and why. This is not something I’d usually watch, and other than being scared in my shorts most of the time (because quite frankly, I cannot watch anything remotely scary), I thought it was a good show. I will just have to wait for the next season.

What is one thing you need to work on?:

I need to work on my patience. I get something in my head and I want to do it or want it done now. If I’m hungry, I want food 20 minutes ago. Although I’d like to think I try to work on this, I have a feeling my patience will be tested beyond compare and a lesson may begin to come around once this baby makes its appearance. So until then, I will enjoy my impatient self.

What is one thing you dream of doing?:

I’d love to road trip the northeast/west regions of our country. Maybe not at the same time, but in my lifetime for sure. I’m intrigued by the mountains, parks, and wildlife (although I don’t feel the need to sleep outside with them). There is so much beauty to see in this country.

I’m not saying I don’t want to see the south, but usually when we travel, it’s during the cold months and we have seen much more of the south than we have the north.

That is all I have for today. I apologize for the somber post this morning, but I think we have a lot of hurting people. Be kind today and everyday.


Wake Up Wednesday: 8.3

Good morning and welcome to the start of the latter half of August! If you haven’t gotten in some vacation time or completed a few items on your summer bucket list, now is the time to really start doing those things! Summer will fade to fall here before we know it.

If summer was fading to any other season, I wouldn’t be excited at all that my summer was gone, but the fact that fall is the following season lifts my mood even more. There is something about harvest season – the smell, the crisp air, the color changes in the scenery all around – it is definitely a favorite time of year for me.

Grab that caffeine drink and let’s get this morning started.

In light of this week being my husband and I’s first anniversary, I’d like to maybe share this post as a theme behind that event. They say the first year is the hardest; well this has been a very trying year, but I’m excited to see where the next one takes us.

Song of the Week:

Best Day of My Life

George Strait

This song brings me back to that day. All I can do is smile because it all felt like a dream; it went so fast! But we had an unbelievable amount of family and friends there to support us, and we couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Who never forgets a birthday or anniversary?:

Eric – Definitely Me

Hannah – Definitely Eric, but we will see this weekend. 

Eric has an amazing memory to the point where it’s almost a fault. He could tell you when we went on our first date, where, what we ate, and what movie we went to. I, honestly, had no idea until he told me – mind you it was over 7 years ago.

Quote of the Day:

You are my today and all of my tomorrows.

-Leo Christopher

I’m pretty sure I have used this quote before, but it is on point for this week. It is my reminder that we need to take each day at a time. Not all of our days together are going to the best of the best, but as long as we work through it together, today is all we have.

Who feeds the dog?:

Eric – Me

Hannah – Eric majority of the time. 

He is the last out of the house, therefore, he can feed the dog. After supper, Eric likes to feed Soph the leftovers because he is convinced, if he gives her the good food, she will like him more. Ha, that dog and I have a bond that cannot be broken.

Bible Verse of the Week:

Above all else, love each other deeply. 

1 Peter 4:8

Who talks on the phone most?:

Eric – Do I even have to answer this?

Hannah – Ha

This is a no brainer. I talk on the phone more between the both of us; I do not like texting especially if I have a quick question. I will just call someone quick.

Who is the better cook?:

Eric- Depends

Hannah – What are we making?

This question is so hard to answer because we both cook meals. The rule of the house is, whoever is home first generally is in charge of supper unless it is planting or harvest season. Eric hasn’t had as much experience in the kitchen as I have, but he can make a mean meal.

One thing I appreciate about his upbringing, is that his mother generally had fruits and vegetables incorporated with their meals, so Eric prefers to have a balanced meal. (Every now and then pizza is on the menu or even popcorn on a Sunday, but usually we have a meat and vegetable or fruit and another side.) We enjoy sitting at our table and having a meal together.

That is all for today. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week. Take that time and do something with your summer if you haven’t already!