Wake Up Wednesday: 11.3

Good morning everyone! This week is my ultimate favorite week of the year – Thanksgiving Week! We all know I love food, but what I love most about Thanksgiving is spending time with my family. I know that sounds so cliché, but it’s so true and it’s importance to me is at a steady increase as the years pass. I love that there are no gifts attached to this holiday, and that we are told to eat around a table of people we love (or not love, I guess, but that’s not my case).

I have a short time before the baby wakes up this morning so let’s get this day off to a wonderful start! Grab your Joe!

Song of the Week:

Prayed For You 

-Matt Stell

I haven’t heard anything else from this artist, but this song is a great song. I love the lyrics. I like listening to this while I’m just roaming around the house cleaning. If it were 75 degrees outside, I’d maybe think about blaring it with my windows down on the country roads – because I still do that.

What is your favorite thanksgiving food?:

The thing is, I really don’t like ham or turkey. I don’t really even like mashed potatoes all that well. Most of the time, I prefer stuffing from a box instead of out of the bird – I have a hard time mentally eating that stuff. I only like sweet potato casserole if it has a ton of brown sugar and  melted marshmallows in it. So I guess I really don’t even go for the traditional turkey day food. I thoroughly enjoy the sides and desserts that people bring. I like to try new foods, and my family came from a long line of great cooks/bakers so my standards are set pretty high. Ha.

If I had to pick one food, I’d probably pick some sort of cranberry salad. I don’t mean the jelly cranberry salads either. I like the real stuff. I know, I’m kind of a food snob, but I blame it on my family’s good cooking/baking genes. It’s their fault.

Bible Verse of the Week:

My heart has led me to places I didn’t know were possible this year. I have an even stronger relationship with my God, my husband, my family, and my friends. Priorities have made themselves known, and would you imagine that darn kid of mine made the tip-top?!? She’s definitely a keeper. My heart grows bigger and bigger every time she smiles at me.

[I’d like to think moms have a place that big for any and all of their children, but I feel bad for my sister Hailey, because I was the first to smile at mom. And if she didn’t bribe mom with caffeinated drinks from Cabin Coffee, this race for “favorite child” wouldn’t even be close. Haha. Jokes. Just Jokes – promise. She probably does love her more; she the baby of the family.]

What’s your favorite thanksgiving dessert?:

NOT Pumpkin Pie

I want to like it so bad, but I just cannot get past the texture. I’d rather eat a tub of cool whip to one bite of pumpkin pie.

I love Pecan Pie or Dutch Apple Pie though! Did I mention that I have a mouth full of sweet teeth?

Quote of the Week:

“What God knows about us is more important than what others think.”

Tim  Tebow

Tim Tebow has a point here, and one that I don’t think I need to touch on much.  These words say it all. He is our creator, and he know’s more about us than anyone could even fathom. He knows our past and our future, and even our destiny – that’s just the way it is. And I love it! Do not let others dull your shine, it only hurts you in the end; life is too short to live it for someone else.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?:

Last year, my husband and I decided we would start a new tradition of stopping at the casino following Thanksgiving and play $50 on Black Jack, and once we were either up or out of that money we were done. I suppose this year wouldn’t be a good idea to leave baby girl in the car huh? Good thing grandparents like babysitting.

My favorite tradition is when I get to eat a pickle roll up before we start the meal, because I am convinced that my cousin makes them just for me. Bless you Donna! I don’t know what I will do when you decide not to put all that time and effort into your Thanksgiving side. Ain’t it silly that I get stoked about pickles, cream cheese, and meat? Easily one of my favorite foods.

What family member(s) are you grateful for this week?:

I am thankful for all of my family but this week I’m especially grateful for my great-grandparents. I know we come from a long line of ancestors, but they are the oldest generation of our family I knew. Without them, we wouldn’t be here today. I lost all but one of my greats before I could remember them; I lost my last great-grandmother when I was 24 years old.

I am thankful I got to spend time with my maternal great-grandma and get to know her. God bless her. She raised a wonderfully large family and started a tradition that allows all 100+ of our family members to spend time together at the same time and same place for this holiday. 

That is all I have for you this week! Please, whatever you do this week, use it to appreciate your family, friends, loved ones, or even just each day you wake up. There are a lot of people who do not have family or homes to  help in celebrating this holiday. In a world with a lot of tragedy between the fires, the shootings, the hurricanes, the homeless, the less fortunate, the lonely, be the person someone is thankful for this holiday season.

My prayers go to my family and friends who are remembering a loved one during this holiday. May they be forever a blessing in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Wake Up Wednesday: 11.2

Good morning! I feel like these weeks keep going by faster and faster. Tis the season; the holiday season always seems to speed by for me. November is alway an extremely busy month for me, but I always try to find some down time.

Lately I haven’t gotten to have my coffee until after dinner or sometime in the afternoon.

Let’s get this day started.

Song of the Week:

Goodbye Summer

-Danielle Bradbery ft. Thomas Rhett

I like Danielle Bradbery. I like Thomas Rhett. So put them together and what do you get? Great music. Take a listen.

What is your favorite band starting with the letter Q?:


I actually really want to see the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. We sang that song for a middle school concert. And although some parents raised havoc about us singing such an “inappropriate” song, it is the one thing I actually remember from middle school. It’s pretty fun to sing this to whoever is out with us after a few drinks. Tell me you have sung this song and haven’t put some dramatic dancing, singing, or actions to these lyrics after a few drinks – you can’t.

Bible Verse of the Week:

Do not pass by a man in need, for you may be the hand of God to him. 

-Proverbs 3:27

We as a society have been taken advantage of to the point where we have shut down and rarely offer a lending hand to strangers for the dangers have become greater than the reward. We have learned to keep to ourselves and pass by. It is sad, but should you decided to help someone in need, know that God will prevail.

What instrument do you know how to play?:
Well, I cannot read any type of music fluently enough to play any real instrument, but I can play a very mean air-guitar. I have nearly perfected that. I also recently found out they have contests for air-guitar so that’s a thing. I don’t think I’ll be entering though.

Quote of the Week:

This quote is from the book “Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis. Guys, this book is a game changer. I cannot let it go. I have listened to it on my Audible and I have listened to it again. There is just something about it, the reliability, it just gives me reassurance.

Do you think it’s good to take it one day at a time?:

All I can say is tomorrow is never promised. When I open my eyes in the morning, I thank God he woke me up that day. When I lay my head down for the night, I thank Him for my day even if it didn’t go the way I planned.

It’s important to live in the moment. I used to look forward to graduating high school, going to college, getting married, vacations, summer, etc. Most of those events have come and gone; now I seem to look backwards to remember them. In doing so, I have realized that for some of those events, I didn’t enjoy them as much because I was already looking forward to something else before I had even completed the event at hand.

Guys, life goes so quickly! Live in the now!

That’s all I have for today!Have a happy Wednesday!


Wake Up Wednesday: 11.1

Good morning world! Happy November – easily one of the best months of the year!

Today I’m drinking my coffee blacker than black. I heard butter tastes pretty good in your coffee and it boosts your metabolism. I have not tried this, but I’m on the brink of trying. Someone push me over the edge. I’m skeptical.

Let’s get this day started!

Song of the Week:

“Old Friends”

Ben Rector

This song takes me back to my younger years. The years when we had to call everyone on their house phone. I can still recite my friends’ landline number. It takes me back to the years full of imagination, freedom, and no responsibilities. Take a listen to this song; he is one of my favorite artists. Ben is a genuine artist, and I love that he is so relatable.

What is your most consistent craving?:

I always crave Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake. Every time my husband and I go to Des Moines or through Des Moines, I ask him to stop. We don’t make it to Des Moines very often so it is a nice treat. But I would eat cheesecake every day if I could. I cannot wait to get some in a couple of weeks!


Bible Verse of the Week:

“She who kneels before God can stand before anyone. ”

Romans 8:31

What are you too hard on yourself about?:

I am extremely hard on myself about every aspect of my life. I get disappointed with myself if I can’t keep my house clean, if I wake up in the mornings and realize I didn’t throw the diapers away in the middle of the night, if I ever got bad grades in school or didn’t perform well during sports. I have very high expectations for myself. But I am learning to forgive myself or cut myself a little slack; I have a lot on my plate, especially now with a new baby and a husband in the field.

Ladies if you are hard on yourself, see book of the week below.

Book of the Week:

Girl, Wash Your Face

Rachel Hollis

This book is getting a double shout out. I know that this was my book of the week last week, but, guys, its soooooo good! All my ladies this is a must read/listen. All my college aged gals, all my mommy friends, all my single ladies – this book is literally for everyone! Please do yourself a favor and find time for this book!

Do you always wear identical socks?:

I don’t think I have worn matching socks consistently since I was in elementary school. Unless I happen to grab the same two socks out of my sock bin, they are rarely matching. Ain’t nobody have time to match socks.

Quote of the Week:

That is all I have for today! I hope you all have a great rest of the week and weekend.

See you all next week!