Wake Up Wednesday: 1.3

Good morning! I hope everyone has had a good week! Is everyone still going strong on their goals? Honestly, February is probably going to be my New Year; I have had a lot of big life changes happening this month. I’ll share them after I get all acclimated to the new changes.

Grab your morning coffee pot, fill her up and let’s get this day started.

Song of the Week:

I’ve Got Forever

-Emily Ann Roberts

I have never heard this song before, but I am liking it now. Take a listen.

Is change easy for you?:

Honestly, no. I don’t do well with change at all. It brings me great anxiety. I know that change is necessary, and sometimes is needed. Change can be a very good thing. I’m just a realist and I think about pros and cons a lot – sometimes to the point where it can ruin a portion of my day. Why do I do this? It’s a mystery to me.

I want to change a lot of habits and things in my household, and those are small things I plan to work on this year.

Bible Verse of the Week:

Are you a clean or messy person?:

I can be both. I am a clean messy person. Does that make sense? I love to organize all of my stuff in baskets and shelves etc., but sometimes I let things go until it drives me crazy.

One of those things being my closet. I absolutely hate folding clothes and putting them away. Why is this a thing? I told my mother this weekend, that when those electronic folders come out, I will be getting one eventually. I hoping for the 4th generation. Then you know they have worked out most of the kinks and hopefully by then, you don’t have to stand there and put the clothes in the folder individually. (This is a far-fetched dream I think.)

Quote of the Week:

What is a common topic at your dinner table?:

It’s that time of year. We talk about ice fishing to the point I want to rip my hair out sometimes, but I always have to remind myself that I don’t like it when my husband doesn’t show at least a fake interest in what I like to talk about or feel is important so I better be a good listener.

Another one of our topics we talk about is Josey of course. She is the cutest elephant in the room now a days.

That’s all I have for you today. I hope you have a great week!


Wake Up Wednesday: 1.2

Good morning! I hope everyone’s New Year has started off well, and you have all stayed on track for your goals whatever they may be.

Since my post last week, I have added another resolution for 2019; I plan to organize and declutter each room in my house. I go through my personal closet quarterly, but there are a few more items I know will no longer fit me and probably won’t ever fit me again. There is something about decluttering that gives me a peace of mind.

What are some of your resolutions? I always love to hear ideas!

Let’s get this day started the right way! Grab your cuppa Joe.

I look forward to bringing you weekly post as well as some posts that have sparked my interest. With that being said, I will continue this week with a traditional WUW post.

Song of the Week:

Good as You

-Kane Brown

Best piece of advice I got this last year:

NO ONE knows your baby better than you do. Your responsibility is that little human being; NO ONE makes decisions for your baby but you. So whatever decision you make that’s the way it is.

It didn’t take me long to learn this lesson. I have learned so much about being a mom, and so much about my little girl and it’s only been a few months. But I take this with me all the time especially in challenging times or times of doubt.

Bible Verse of the Week:

What was the best compliment you received this last year?:

“You are the best pregnant lady to be around. You have set the bar high.”

I didn’t mean to do this or try to prove to everyone that I could. I just chose to live each day and enjoy my last days with my husband, just the two of us. I am a social bird, and I love to be out and about. I had every reason to stay in and lay on the couch and sleep all day, but I could only nap for so long before I needed something to do.

Quote of the Week:

“Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional. Let this be a sign that you’ve got a big heart and aren’t afraid to let others see it. Showing your emotions is a sign of strength.”

-Brigitte Nicole

As you might have gathered, I wear my heart on my sleeve. I am very emotional and have become overly emotional post baby. I agree with this quote that it just means you have a big heart to share with the world. I rarely hold things in, and because of that, a strength I have never known has risen in me. There is something about it.

What do you need to be content?:

Honestly, this answer is so cliche for me, but love is what I need. I need endless love, real love, and intentional love. I need to love and to be loved. I have so much love in my heart, but if that were ever to cease or go away, my life would be a drag.

That’s what I have for you this week. Keep on keeping on those goals for this year. Big or small, they are worth it.


2019 – New Year to Build

Good morning world and welcome to 2019! Ain’t it crazy that we are living in 2019?

First off, I want to reflect a little on 2018 – a year that forever changed my life for the better. This year, my husband and I welcomed our baby girl to our family. She gave me a run for my money throughout my pregnancy as well as my delivery, but she is a great gift from God. She is definitely a keeper.

I started the 2018 year with three big New Year’s Resolutions and a few smaller fitness goals. To recap, my big resolutions were:

  1. Start/build a personal blog
  2. Learn to play the piano
  3. Be the BEST me

I think I accomplished 2 out of the 3 for 2018, and I am pleased with that.

BLOG-I started and built my blog from the ground up this last year, and I thoroughly enjoy my weekly posts. Blogging has been on my weekly agenda for a whole year, so I guess I can no longer tell myself I can’t commit for long-term goals.

I don’t know if what I write is helpful to anyone else, but it is therapy to me, and it gives me purpose. It allows me to have “me” time. I also consider myself an open book, so you will read a little bit from each of my life’s chapters. I am by any means a professional, but who needs that? This is recreational. I am looking forward to 2019.

PIANO-I downloaded an app to teach me how to play piano, a legit piano teaching app that I paid for. It was a great app, but I soon found out that I wasn’t patient enough nor could I practice as much as I wanted. For three weeks, I would go to work early and practice on our keyboards at the funeral home. I quickly realized that I wasn’t nearly as passionate about learning how to play piano as I once thought.

ME-This last year, I have focused on being more patient, more appreciative, and more understanding. I have retrained my mind to reroute my more judgmental thoughts to positive and encouraging thoughts. I have helped others, and I have helped myself. I have maybe even become a little more selfish in that I need to do things for me in order to be there mentally, physically, and emotionally for others. There is a couple of these selfish thoughts from this year that are pushing me into this next year as a stronger me.

————–As far as my small fitness goals, those quickly became unattainable due to us finding out at the end of January that we were expecting a baby. They kept a pretty close eye on my fitness and health as I had a high risk pregnancy from day one. And maybe this year I can accomplish some of those, but I don’t plan on having them written down on paper.

So now let’s get into this 2019 year! It is going to be an exciting year I think, and I am ready to see where it takes us.

As far as forming New Year’s resolution this year, I have a mindset that has taken a 180 turn. My priorities have changed a little with adding a new little one, but I am still aware that if I cannot take care of myself, I can no longer take care of her in my best capacity. So my resolutions stem from a lot of making sure I am where I need to be mentally, physically, and emotionally for my family.

These are in no particular order.

  1. Get back to pre-baby weight by June – Some of you might think, “why June?”. I’ll tell you why. It took me 9-10 months for my body to make a tiny human. It took 9-10 months to gain my baby weight, and I need to allow myself the same amount of time to try to get back to where I was. My biggest peeve about our society right now is that we think that our bodies should bounce back to pre-pregnancy stage within the first 2 months. (Well I am sorry to the Royal Family, but not every woman is able to walk out of a hospital and look like a million bucks 4 hours after having a baby. And to be honest, I wouldn’t want to!) Now, I am aware that weight is just a number; the number I am at doesn’t bother me one bit, but I know I can be healthier and need to be healthier for myself, and my family. And I can only think that by doing that, I could accomplish this goal.

2. Make my mental and emotional side a priority – This last 3 months have been the most trying months of my life, mentally. My postpartum depression was like nothing I have ever experienced, and I do not wish that upon anyone. It is nothing to take lightly, and I do not feel the slightest bit guilty for talking about it. What I do feel guilty about is allowing that depression to take away from my time getting to know my little girl, and enjoying her more as a newborn. So with that, I will take this next year to better myself mentally and emotionally. I will do whatever it takes to show myself that I am worth it as well as my family.

3. Run 50 miles this year – Last year, I am aware, my goal was to run 200 miles in 2018. With my pregnancy, that was quickly taken off the drawing board for the year. So why don’t I strive for 200 miles this year? I have really focused the last couple years on making my resolutions attainable, and based on how busy we have been during the last three months with a new baby in the house, I can only think that life is only about to get busier. Not to mention, my body is not entirely ready to get back on the treadmill full-force.

4. Give back at least 4 times – I like to keep this one on my radar each year. I think it is important to give back or pay it forward, if you will. And I do not want to ever live a life where I don’t give back.

Along with my 3 New Year’s resolutions, I’d like to add a word for my year. A word that I would like to live this year by – to think about often. I’d like to use this word to help encourage me in making my decisions. I want this year to revolve around this word.

It took me a very long time to come up with my word for the year. It is a lot of pressure to pick just one word to live a whole year by. I have 365 days with this word so I wanted to make sure it was a good one to share with everyone.

My word for 2019: INTENT

I’d like to say that I picked this word, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it picked me.

Just because I don’t talk about the months of 2018 pre-baby, doesn’t mean I don’t think about them, but I have just learned so much more about myself, my little girl, and even my husband in the last 3 months. I have so much more to think about before I make decisions; it is no longer just me and my husband. I have a family now, and they need to be taken care of.

My word for 2019 wasn’t an easy find. It took a couple months to really find this word that now means so much to me.

I want everything I do this year to be done with intent. I do not want to live my life going through the motions. I want to make this year count. I will not downplay even the simplest tasks, memories, or milestones. My goal is to get the absolute most out of this year because I know that my little girl is growing at lightening speed, and I want to be positive and make the most out each day I have with her.

Intent is such a strong word. If you intend to do something, it is already a plan. It is already in the works. It is purposeful. Decisions made were meant to be made. There is rarely any time spent in limbo because you are sure of what is going to happen and how it is going to happen. Now don’t mistake that last sentence as me telling my God that I know His plans for this year. That’s not what I mean at all. You just mean everything you say and do. That is the simplest way I can describe this word.

I intend to use the word often, and I intend to live my life with it in the back of my mind. I intend for this to be a great year – a lot of fun new changes!

This is what I have for you this week. I wanted to post this on New Year’s Day, but I didn’t want to screw anyone up on my weekly schedule; I needed up screwing up my own schedule. I hope you all have a wonderful year ahead of you!